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Advanced satellite tracking on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. Find out when and where satellites can be seen including the international space station.


- Real time tracking

  1. -World map view with orbit track

  2. -2D and 3D world views

- Overhead sky view

  1. -Satellite pass predictions

  2. -Iridium flare predictions

- Supports landscape and portrait orientation

- One touch orbit data update

  1. -Customizable satellite sets

  2. -Local notification alerts

  3. -NTP time synchronization



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GoSkyWatch Planetarium

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Never have to wonder again what is in the night sky. GoSkyWatch easily locates and identifies planets, stars, constellations and more. Navigate the sky with a touch or by just pointing to the sky for quick identification. Go outside and explore the night sky.

Purchase once and enjoy GoSkyWatch Planetarium on all your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. We didn’t think it is fair to pay twice for the same app on a bigger screen nor should you!

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